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Mon-Sat Day Care 7:00-11:00, 2:00-6:00Boarding Drop Off and Pick Up 8:00-11:00, 2:00-6:00


All pets over the age of 9 must have Senior waiver filled out every 6 months

Vaccinations by your vet

* We cannot accept your pet without these!1. Rabies2. DHLP3. Bordatella (which helps prevent kennel cough for your camper). The requirement for our bordetella's is to be given every 6 months!4. The Canine Influenza H3N8/H3N2 vaccine. It is a dual dose vaccine. CIV currently not required, but highly recommended for boarding/daycare

Food & medicine

FOODIf your pet has a special diet please provide food. Please provide food in pre portioned bags
Please document the dosage (how much and how often) so we can keep your camper feeling good. We ask that you keep all medication in original container

Toys & blankets

We have all the toys, bowls, and bedding you could need. We limit our campers to one moderately sized bed and 2 toys; We do our very best here at Camp Schultz to get all of our campers' belongings back to them when they leave, however rare occasions of beds/toys of being damaged or lost do happen and we wouldn't want it to be their favorite items. So it is a good idea to bring a bed that your pet doesn't frequently use as well as toys that they like, but are not their "go to's", like something that is already due to be retired, or even an old bed sheet.

When you bring your camper for their first stay you will need to fill out our client information sheet. If you would like to do it prior to your arrival.


We charge BY DAY, not by night, and the only day these charges differ are on MONDAY, because we are closed on SUNDAY. On a Monday, if you pick up PRIOR to 10am, we do not charge for that Monday. However, all other days regardless of the drop off and pick up time, it will be a full day charge. Our suggestion is on drop off day to drop off as early as possible and on the pick up day, to pick up later in the day to get the most cost efficient experience out of your stay!


Yes, they have to have all final vaccines, and the final vaccine can only be administered at 16 weeks of age or older.

 All pets boarded with us need up-to-date shots. For dogs, this includes Rabies, DHLP, Canine influenza, and Bordetella vaccinations. You must bring in proof of these vaccinations.

We offer baths, dips, nail clipping and grooming. Grooming appointments are limited so book early.

We encourage you to use food that is best for your pet! If your pet has a sensitive stomach bring your own — they will already be a little stressed and a change of food can increase this. There is no extra charge for giving your pet a “Special Diet”.

Over the holidays we do fill up, so please do this as soon as possible.

We recommend at least 10 days for all shots to take effect — ESPECIALLY Bordatella!!

Any pet arriving with fleas/ticks will be bathed and dipped at the owners expense. We adhere to strict cleaning procedures to prevent the spread of pests to include monthly treatments of our grounds and kennels areas.

Can we please make the information under to read, “At Camp Schultz we ask that all owners provide their own food during the pets stay. We offer Kirkland Salmon and Kirkland Chicken kibble at an additional cost of $4 per day/per pet.

Yes. Just bring the medication(s) with you and give us instructions. 

Our cancellation policy requires clients to cancel at least 72 hours prior to boarding to avoid any cancellation fees. Regardless of length of stay the cancellation fee will be 2 days of boarding ($64, $72, or $78) based on weight. During the holiday, that would mean forfeit the $50 non refundable deposit as well as the cancellation fee if cancelling at the last minute.

So grateful to Camp Schultz. We were on vacay the past few days. We didn’t think our pup, Chewy, would go insane if we left the camper. I was bummed that we’d have to stay in camper all week & not do anything fun in San Diego…. Camp Schultz took Chewy with about 20 minutes warning. They were EXTREMELY nice & professional. They saved our vacation. 20 stars!!


We just moved to the area and visited and compared several places before leaving our weimaraner for the weekend. ther dogs here were not barking so much which told me they were getting playtime and the rooms were pretty spacious with half of the kennel in an air conditioned space. The environment, staff and prices were great and we opted for the fitness package as she has a lot of energy.
When we picked her up she was washed, playful and content. We will definatly be bringing her back!


I absolutely trust these wonderful people with my two fur babies. I am pretty harsh when it comes to judging places the “promise ” to care for your pet the way you would. I tried another place and this was further from the truth. I swore I would never board my babies ever again, however my very good friend boarded hers and gave very wonderful reviews. So I tried it and now this is the only place I will ever go.



Mon-Sat Day Care
7:00-11:00, 2:00-6:00

Boarding Drop Off and Pick Up
8:00-11:00, 2:00-6:00

Our office is closed from 11-2 for DayCare walks and all day Sunday.


5540 San Miguel Road
Bonita, CA 91902

(619) 475-5205

We are always fully staffed
so your pet will be taken care of!

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