About Us

At Camp Schultz we do things a little differently than at your average boarding kennel. We offer for every Camper three times a day to run in one of twelve running paddocks. We also have indoor/outdoor runs with the outdoor runs being completely covered and secure. This allows your pet to sit back and relax and enjoy the Bonita weather completely shaded. In their run they have their own bed and fresh water. At night they will sleep in their own sleeping area in our completely secure building.

Our aim is to provide a safe, clean and comfortable environment for every pet boarded with us to make their stay as pleasant as possible and to provide ample outdoor daily exercise and fun activities for the dogs and indoor recreation time for cats. At night all animals are brought inside a locked secure building and monitored by security cameras.

Your pet's safety is our highest concern!

Camp Schultz is located in the beautiful horse country Bonita. We are next to a beautiful private horse trail which provides us with a great walking trail for your pets. We know that the selection of a temporary home for your pet is an important decision. Camp Schultz is, by design, a relatively small kennel so be assured that the smaller size of our facility ensures that your pet gets the one-on-one attention that they deserve. Camp Schultz is a small family-owned facility -- not part of a chain or franchise. Our staff live on site and deeply care about the welfare of your animals.

For the DOGS

We have 50 individual runs -- 10,000 square feet of artificial turf -- indoor and outdoor areas and their own beds and water.  We also have twelve paddocks and separated running time for a safe exercising environment.  At night pets get their own sleeping area, with their own water and fluffy clean bedding. The building is always set at a safe and comfortable temperature and is locked for their safety.

For the Cats

Effective this year, we have moved all feline visitors to a location not too far from here. Let us know if you need boarding arrangements for your cat(s)!